Our licensed and certified estheticians are trained to utilize a specific Brazilian technique to make treatments fast, thorough and nearly pain-free to ensure you get the best results.

Due to our efficiency, our waxing technique opens pores more easily so hair can be removed from the root. We guarantee our technique minimizes redness and bumps after the wax.


Exclusive Hard Wax

Our exclusive hard wax is specifically designed to be light on sensitive skin, while exfoliating and hydrating the skin, leaving the waxed area with a clean and hairless look ensuring longer lasting results. The exclusive formula features natural ingredients such as bees wax, honey, and chamomile that calm and sooth your skin during and after waxing.

We set the highest professional standards for waxing services, using only THE BEST hard wax for you and your skin

First Brazilian Wax?

Relax and don’t worry about anything, our staff is very
experienced in dealing with your anxiety. Your waxer will talk you
through the service, making sure you are comfortable and reassured
throughout the process. We care about you!

The Concept

Beekini Wax specializes in efficient, high-quality and affordable Waxing & laser hair removal services in the tampa bay area.

Our licensed and experienced estheticians utilize specific techniques to make treatments fast, thorough and nearly pain-free. Our products and processes are specifically designed for sensitive skin, providing efficient silky-smooth results giving our clients the ultimate hair removal experience.

Our facilities are spotless, and our techniques are highly hygienic, so you can rest assured that our hair removal services are sanitary. We use medical grade disposable sheets and gloves, and change them for every client. We sanitize the bed and all instruments between each new client treatment.


A permanent solution to unwanted hair! Laser is one of the most effective ways to significantly reduce hair growth.

At Beekini Wax we have the most advances laser device in the industry: SOPRANO ICE, that ensures safe, comfortable and custom service to you!

We're tampa's hair removal specialists!

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First Time
Brazilian Wax

Meet Karla

I am originally from Brazil, where beauty has been refined into an art form. A country, where Brazilian women have been sharing and passing down their secrets for generations. I invite you to come experience the Brazilian approach to waxing.

I am a specialist and guarantee that my technique is an all-natural, less painful, healthier way to wax.


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